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US Senator Lindsey Graham on Russia’s wanted list

Newsman: Russia’s Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant for Sen. Lindsey Graham after the South Carolina Republican’s comments related to the fighting in Ukraine, according to Russian media reports citing the interior ministry’s database.. In an edited video of his meeting Friday with Zelenskyy, Graham noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Russia’s Investigative Committee says it is opening a criminal investigation into comments made by Republican senator. Russia has previously sanctioned dozens of US officials and politicians but has rarely sought the arrest of senior officeholders.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov suggested that Graham’s praise of US financial backing was linked to his comments that Russians were dying.

“It is difficult to imagine a greater shame for a country than having such senators,” Peskov said,

Russia on Monday said U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham should say publicly if he believes his words were taken out of context by a Ukrainian state video edit of his comments about the war that provoked widespread condemnation in Moscow.

“If U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham considers his words were taken out of context by the Ukrainian regime and he doesn’t actually think in the way presented then he can make a statement on video with his phone,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a video posted on Telegram.

“Only then will we know: does he think the way that was said or was it a performance by the Kyiv regime?”

Ukraine’s presidential office on Friday released an edited video of a meeting between Graham and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy which first showed the senator saying, “The Russians are dying”, and then that US support was the “best money we’ve ever spent”.

After Russia criticised the comments, Ukraine released a full video of the interaction, showing that the two remarks were not linked.

On Sunday, Russia’s Investigative Committee said it was opening a criminal investigation into Graham’s comments, without specifying what crime he was accused of.

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Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev called the 67-year-old Republican an “old fool”.

“The old fool Senator Lindsey Graham said that the United States has never spent money so successfully as on the murder of Russians,” Medvedev said. “He shouldn’t have done that.”

In an emailed statement to the Reuters news agency, Graham responded to Medvedev’s comments and said, “As usual, the Russian propaganda machine is hard at work.”

He added: “Mr. Medvedev, if you want Russians to stop dying in Ukraine, withdraw. Stop the invasion. Stop the war crimes. The truth is that you and Putin could care less about Russian soldiers.”

Senator Graham disputed Russia’s criticism of his support for Ukraine by saying he had praised the spirit of Ukrainians in resisting Russia’s invasion with US assistance.

On Twitter, he wrote  that he would wear the “arrest warrant” as a “badge of honor”.

“To know that my commitment to Ukraine has drawn the ire of [President Vladimir] Putin’s regime brings me immense joy,” Graham posted. He also challenged Russian authorities to pursue their case at the International Criminal Court, which has previously issued an arrest warrant for Putin.

“Come and make your best case,” he quipped. “See you in The Hague!”

During his visit to Kyiv on Friday, Graham told Zelenskyy that Ukraine’s resistance reminded him of “our better selves in America. There was a time in America that we were this way, fighting to the last person, we were going to be free or die.”

“Now you are free,” Zelenskyy responded, to which Graham replied: “And the Russians are dying.”

“Yes, but they came to our territory. We are not fighting on their territory,” Zelenskyy said.

The US has given Ukraine military assistance valued at a total of $38 billion since the war began in February 2022.

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