About Us

‘Newsman’ is simply dedicated to the news, a mission ‘journalism.’ The strength of Journalism can change the world towards a better future.

This mission is rooted in our belief that great journalism has the power to enrich the experience of life that not only fulfills the purpose of life but Help every single individual in society with the spirit of the ‘human values.’ Building bonds in society makes everyone stronger and more just.

‘Information’ is knowledge, which is empowering life. The news contains information but news and information are not the same. ‘News’ is the truth. And Journalism is the art of truth. Journalism is not fashion but the passion, honesty, sincerity, dedication, dignity and the just. It has responsibility and accountability to tell the truth, seek the truth and help people to understand the real world. Facilitate opportunities for everyone to get the perception of the world today and beyond. Most importantly the ‘news’ matters in life.

Newsmen seek the truth and tell the truth, helping people to understand the world. We believe in possibilities and progress.