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Restaurant in blaze in abusy Jackson Heights Street

Akm Shehabuddin Kisslu: An ethnic fast-food restaurant Merit Kabab and Dumpling Palace was burned in fire in a Jackson heights busy street. The restaurant was completely burned by the blaze inside but no one was injured. Those who were working that time said they were able to come out timely when the fire started. Fire fighters took controlled of the situation and were able to stop the fire. But nothing was left meanwhile, everything burned out inside. Workers claimed that the fire started from a gas pipe line on Wednesday night near around 10 pm. Fire department’s officials are currently investigating the cause of fire.

People were panic around the Merit Kabab and Dumpling Palace at 37-67 74th St.  The restaurant is on the same street and next to the 74 Broadway and Roosevelt avenue subway station and the busiest  diversity plaza, which  is always busy with pedestrians, commuters , street vendors and businesses that open 24/7. This is the second time that this restaurant is burned in fire blaze.

 Owners of the store next to it said during the last fire few years back that they have had persistent issues with old wires feeding into their store.

“We upgraded all the wires and circuit, but the last three winters there have been fires,” in the store basements, a business owner said. 

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