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Biden: “This is more than a financial crisis”

Newsman: President –elect Joe Biden asked the congress to act on pandemic emergency aid package and said “this is more than a financial crisis and causing real mental stress to millions of people. But it is within our power to solve, and grow economy at the same time.” In an Exclusive interview with the NBC nightly news Biden said with disappointment `It is too long waiting to pass the pandemic emergency aid package.”

Joe Biden became emotional with his voice while referring his father’s story said, “I” saw my father lost the job, health insurance and he was lost in that situation as he didn’t know what to do.” Biden expressed great concerns of millions of people affected by the pandemic. Biden said, he will focus on people those are hurt very badly due to the pandemic and make sure to help them to get the kind of help to offload. The congress has already the bill but he like to see a large financial package more like president Trump suggesting before the election , he said.

“Look it all the people…all the People, wake at the night and stare at the sealing what happen!” said President Biden and underscore the urgency to act. He said, ‘we have to act. Guarantee the affordable health insurance.’

The President- elect has also said ,he will use executive order to turn over President Trump’s policy on climate change. However, he also had mentioned during his election campaign that he will lift the travel ban for Muslims countries that was impose by the President trump’s executive order.

Biden made these commitment during his election campaign to do it in the first one hundred days of his presidency. He also reaffirmed that he will send an Immigration bill to the Senate with the pathways to the citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people living in the United States for decades.

Biden said that he will give his best efforts to unite the country people and bringing  people together.

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