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‘Rohingya crisis could destabilize the entire region’

Newsman:  Bangladesh’s Prime Minister warned that the ‘Rohingya crisis’ could potentially destabilize the entire region if the international community fail to address the issue as it needs. Sheikh Hasina , The prime minister of Bangladesh  underscored the urgency for sustainable solution to the  Rohingya crisis and said, Rohingyas are Myanmar’s citizen and they must return safely to their home country.

Bangladesh’s leader  Sheikh Hasina made such warning during her speech at the 76th UNGA High-Level Side Event on “Rohingya Crisis: Imperatives for a Sustainable Solution” Wednesday afternoon. The event was cosponsored by permanent mission of Bangladesh at UN and permanent mission of Turkey at UN.

EU special representative for Human rights Mr Mr. Eamon Gilmore Said it is the violation of human rights. And international criminal court is currently investigating the genocide. He highly praised Bangladesh’s efforts to support Rohingya crisis.

He said, “We have presented a resolution to address the situation of human rights in Myanmar and EU stands for Rohingya people and all the people in Myanmer.

Robert Rae, especial envoy of Canada to the UN said need to deal now the current situations. Canada is pursuing with Gambia and other to work on case before the ICT. International community needs long term sustainable solution, he said the issue is not over as it is not  in news as always .

Lina Greenfield, The United States ambassador announced that US will contribute financial supports  for Bangladesh  including 158 million dollars to support Rohingya refugee in the effect  of pandemic  and support to educational program for rohingya refugees .

Anne Gueguen, Deputy Secretary general ministry of Foreign affairs, France, urge international community towards sustainable solution of rohingya crisis  without delay and said, ‘ Humanity is in stake’ today.

Ambassador Gunter Sautter , Germany  said,…………Germany will continue support Bangladesh in their humanitarian efforts to Rohingya crisis.

T.S.Trimurti, Ambassador of India to the UN urge for international support for Bangladesh.

M. G.Yoka Barandt ambassador of Netherlands praise the generosity and efforts to Rohingya refugee.

Expressing her deep concerns,  Bangladesh’s Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said. The UN and the partners must undertake tangible actions and projects in Myanmar to create an environment conducive for repatriation and their sustainability.

“Resolving this humanitarian crisis is a collective responsibility as its implication goes beyond borders. Delaying this crucial problem jeopardizes our collective security. The growing frustration over the lack of progress in repatriation entices many to get involved in criminal activities, and they are easy prey to extremist ideologies. This could potentially destabilize the entire region. Therefore, we must act now and with real urgency”  Sheikh Hasina said.

“Accountability for the persecution committed against the Rohingyas is important to create confidence in this population. Impunity for such heinous crime should not be allowed on all accounts. In this regard, Bangladesh supports the ongoing international efforts to ensure accountability including in the ICJ. Other international mechanisms created by the UN General Assembly and the Human rights council should also be supported” Prime Minister Hasina added.

Prime  minister Sheikh Hasina reminded that whatever Bangladesah is doing  are  is purely on a temporary basis.  Myanmar nationals must go back to their homeland, Myanmar, in safety and dignity. “We must all, specially the international community, do everything possible to make this happen” she adeded

The prolong stay of such a large population in a congested area is also having serious impacts on the surrounding environment and ecology. Hills and forest lands have been cut down to provide shelters.

Bangladesh’s leader said ”We chose to save their lives for the sake of humanity. This humane decision to save the oppressed Rohingyas was based from our own painful experience during our liberation war in 1971. Moreover, it was inspired by the guiding principle laid out by our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.” she  Quoted,

“The very struggle of Bangladesh symbolized the universal struggle for peace and justice. It was, therefore, only natural that Bangladesh, from its very inception, should stand firmly by the side of the oppressed people of the world.

Bangladesh has maintained bilateral engagements with Myanmar. At the regional front, and have tried to take on board the major powers, including China and India. all along tried to have more active involvement of the ASEAN beside UN resolutions engaging important countries and the UN agencies.

But till today, not a single one of them could go back to their homeland.

Every year more than 30,000 new babies are born adding to the pressure of rohingya camp population.

Despite our resource and land constraints Even in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic challenges,  Bangladesh have not forgotten to ensure the safety and welfare of the Rohingyas. Bangladesh included this population in our national vaccination program according to the Prime Minister Hasina.

Sheikh Hasina  suggested  the  UN’s operation in Bhashan Char soonas possible saying the island has proper infrastructure and in fact, has better amenities to temporarily relocate about 100,000 of the camp population. Until now, we have relocated around 18,500 of this displaced from the camps in Cox’s Bazar to Bhashan Char. The relocation is being done on the principle of voluntariness.

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