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“-there will be another pandemic that humanity is not prepared for “

Newsman: President Joe Biden warned there will be another pandemic and underscored the importance of preparedness for the next pandemic. While speaking from the Treaty Room in the White House Wednesday on announcing the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan President Joe Biden said, “we have to defeat this pandemic and strengthen the global health system, prepared for the next one because there will be another pandemic.”

Bill gates

The billionaire Bill gates recently has also warned that an upcoming pandemic could be 10 times worse and that humanity is not prepared for it. He also insisted that people must learn the lesson that COVID-19 is giving us, according to a quote from the RT portal to an interview with the tycoon for a German media . This is not the first time that Gates has warned of future illnesses, in an interview with the Financial Times via Skype on April 2, 2020 , the businessman said that this coronavirus pandemic was the “largest event that many people will experience in his entire life, “and he prevented that a similar viral outbreak will likely occur” every 20 years or so . “

The billionaire, Bill gates said, “we are not prepared for the next pandemic,” in the same way he hopes that this situation will change in a couple of years and indicated the axes of opportunity such as drugs, tests, vaccines, epidemiology, and follow-up.

“This pandemic is bad, but a future pandemic could be 10 times more serious,” said the magnate, who urged governments to protect their citizens against possible new diseases.

Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will be like, alerts us to our immediate future

Similarly, in a post on his foundation’s blog , written in conjunction with his wife Melinda Gates stated that “the unfortunate reality is that COVID-19 may not be the last pandemic. We do not know when the next one will arrive, or if it will be flu, a coronavirus or some new disease that we have never seen before. But what we do know is that we cannot allow ourselves to be caught off guard again. The threat of the next pandemic will always be over our heads, unless the world takes steps to prevent it. “

The co-founder of Microsoft encouraged governments to continue investing in the scientific tools that are helping us in the current crisis “even after COVID-19 is behind us.”

Finally, Gates hopes that in the next few years “mega-diagnostic platforms” can be developed, which can assess up to 20% of the population each week.

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