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Three Korean women were shot in Dallas, police investigating

Newsman:  Three women in Dallas were shot Wednesday afternoon after a suspect opened fire at a hair salon located in the city’s historically Asian district ‘Korea town.’  The women suffered nonfatal injuries and were transported to a local hospital, according to police.

Police said they learned from a witness report that an unknown Black male parked what appeared to be “a dark color minivan-type vehicle” on Royal Lane and then walked across the parking lot into the establishment and allegedly opened fire.

“The suspect then fired multiple rounds inside the business, wounded all three victims,” police said. The suspect then drove away.

The suspect has not been identified yet, according to police, who also said the investigation is ongoing and the motive remains unknown.

The shooting victims were all Korean women — the salon owner, an employee and a customer, according to ABC News Dallas affiliate WFAA.

A spokesperson for the FBI field office in Dallas told ABC News on Wednesday evening that the FBI is in touch with the Dallas Police Department and is monitoring the incident.

“Dallas Police Department is the lead investigating agency for this incident, but we are in communication with them and coordinating closely,” the spokesperson said. “If, in the course of the local investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

While it is unclear if the shooting was targeted, the incident comes amid a spate of attacks targeting Asian Americans across the nation.

Police told ABC News the shooting took place on the 2200 block of Royal Lane, the address of Hair World Salon.

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