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Killing 3 journalists in three-day span makes Mexico most dangerous place

Newsman: Three journalists have been killed in Mexico over the course of a three-day span. The deaths of the three journalists mark a total of 11 reporters killed in Mexico since the start of 2022.

 Two Mexican journalists from the news website El Veraz — Yesenia Mollinedo, the director, and Sheila Johana García, a reporter — were shot to death Monday in the eastern state of Veracruz, said the state’s attorney general, Verónica Hernández.

Hernandez tweeted that an investigation has been opened, in which prosecutors, police and experts will look for motives and suspects, as well as review the journalists’ recent activity.

Luis Enrique Ramírez, 61, a columnist for El Debate in Sinaloa, was killed last Thursday. Ramirez died from blows to the head and also had a gunshot wound to the leg, according to a statement from the State Attorney’s General Office in Sinaloa.

Two Mexican women journalists ere killed while sitting in a vehicle parked outside of a convenience store, Univision reported.

Witnesses say they saw columnist Luis Enrique Ramírez, 61, being forced into a white van.

His body was found on a dirt road, the State Attorney’s General Office in Sinaloa

Statement said.

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