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Food prices going up that haven’t seen in decades

Newsman:  “All food prices are now predicted to increase between 4.5 and 5.5%,” the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service explained in the March report. Additionally, food prices climbed 7.9% for the year ending in February 2022. USDA’s release on update to its Food Price Outlook for 2022 found that nearly everything from the grocery store or restaurant – is going up in price and that’s on top of the price increases consumers have already been forced to continue in the last year.

Eggs price predicted to increase +11.4%, Dairy products +5.2%, Fresh fruits +10.6%, and Fresh vegetables +4.3%.

While the overall increase is alarming, a closer look at various food categories show just how expensive shoppers can expect items to get, according to the USDA:

Beef and veal: +16.2%,Pork: +14%,Poultry: +12.5%,Fish and seafood: +10.4%,Eggs: +11.4%,Dairy: +5.2%,Fats and oils: +11.7%,Fresh fruits: +10.6%,Fresh vegetables: +4.3%,Processed fruits and vegetables: +7.6%,Sugars and sweets: +7%,Cereals and bakery products: +7.8%. As for take-out or dine-in menus, the USDA said prices are predicted to go up between 5.5 and 6.5% for the remainder of this year.

This was “the largest 12-month advance since July 1981,” according to the department.

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