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Bus rolls on I-95 in Maryland 27 suffer injuries

Newsman:  Twenty seven people suffered minor injuries Sunday after a bus crashed and rolled on I-95 north of Baltimore. The crash occurred near Kingsville, Maryland, shortly before 7 a.m., fire officials said in a statement. No other vehicles were involved in the crash, which is being investigated by Maryland State Police, Baltimore County Fire Department officials said.

According to the Baltimore County Fire Department, the vehicle was operated by megabus and was carrying 47 people. Officials said that 15 of the 27 people injured were taken to local hospitals.

Dan Rodriguez, a megabus spokesman, said in an email that the driver of the bus was among the 15 people taken to the hospital. Several of them have already been released and will be provided transportation to their final destination, he said.

 “Our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees,” Rodriguez said.

The company will be conducting a thorough review of what happened, but did not have further comment on the circumstances surrounding the crash.

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