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America celebrates 248th birthday: Macy’s dazzling fireworks

Newsman: America celebrated the Independence Day 4th of July. Country’s 248th birthday celebration includes fireworks and other festive activities across the country. The nation’s biggest celebration events were as always in New York City.

The Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show was held on Manhattan’s West Side on Thursday night.  Its first time back over the Hudson River in more than a decade Tens of thousands made their way to the waterfront, getting their spot reserved for the fireworks.

There was a huge show of patriotism on the Hudson River Thursday night for the nation’s largest fireworks show.

The show was bigger and better than ever, with fireworks and drones lighting up the sky.

The 48th edition of the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks in New York City returned to the Hudson River for the first time since 2013..

A choreographed dance of drones was the opening act, painting the sky with the colors and shapes of celebration.

Then, 60,000 shells of popping pyrotechnics went to work, bursting over the Hudson, delighting an audience brimming with pride.

Gathering on the West Side of Manhattan this year, under tight NYPD security, was a little different than the last 10 years on the East River.


Hudson River Park was closed for private parties, so this year, most public access to the center of the action was limited to the West Side Highway.

People lined up on 10th and 11th avenues to get access to those public viewing areas if they didn’t have a ticket to a party or access to a friend with a rooftop view. And they made the most of an hour’s long wait, knowing it would be worth it.

Security was tight with hundreds of police officers, along with K-9s, lining the corners and streets and barricades in place.

Hours earlier, crowds lined up along barricades on the West Side Highway, waiting in the heat for the best possible view.

Spectators on the other side of the Hudson could also enjoy the show from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Elsewhere along the Hudson, it was a full day of celebrations in Jersey City.

The United States of America became independent from Great Britain following a revolutionary War. The founding fathers signed this declaration on July 4, 1776.

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